The fine print & more

Through several years of experience we have come up with a few guidelines that we ask all visitors to follow, we hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable stay for all the right reasons.


So you’d like to run a silent event

Over the years many organisations have run successful silent retreats and events at Maitripa Centre and our staff always endeavour to provide a quiet and tranquil environment for all groups. During the busier months of the year, we cannot always guarantee a silent environment if you make a half site booking and end up sharing Maitripa Centre’s facilities with another group. If you wish to run a silent event at Maitripa Centre and only wish to make a half site booking, you may wish to book in during the winter months when we are not as busy.

Tariffs for your event

Item (per person per day) Less than 26 people For more than 25 people
Residential events $59 $52
Non-residential events $17 $17
Self-catering $2 $2


Catering (per person per day)  
10 to 14 people $39
15 to 25 people $33
Over 25 people $32


What the tariffs cover

  • The accommodation tariff covers the hiring of facilities for a 24 hour period that commences on your nominated arrival time.  If your nominated departure time on your final day extends beyond this 24 hour hiring cycle then the non-residential day rate tariff will be applied.
  • The catering tariff covers a 24 hour catering cycle that includes the provision of 3 meals commencing with your first meal catered for.  If you require extra meal times on your final day these will be charged at 33% of the relevant catering tariff per extra meal time catered for.

On arrival

  • Maitripa Centre will not be open for arrivals prior to your scheduled arrival time.
  • When participants arrive, they should make themselves known at reception by the carpark where a caretaker will be waiting to greet you and give you a key to your allocated room.  Participants need to bring $10 cash as a key deposit that will be returned when the key comes back.
  • Let the caretaker know when you require the halls to be opened and don’t hesitate to let us know if your rooms need some heating.
  • Please make time on the first evening of your program for the caretaker to give a brief orientation speech to your participants.

During your stay

  • We don’t have a staff of thousands and by keeping our costs down, we can keep your costs down, the way that we do this is…  We ask that group organisers create a cleaning roster that allows for some basic daily cleaning tasks to be carried out during your stay. Please refer to the visiting group cleaning tasks list on display at Maitripa Centre and arrange your group cleaning rosters accordingly
  • We all enjoy hygiene around the kitchen so please ensure that the kitchen is swept and mopped each day and all dishes are washed, dried and put away. Please remember to empty the kitchen bins regularly. We don’t use compost bins because the wildlife gets too excited.
  • We also enjoy hygiene in the bathroom so please keep them clean during your stay. Your caretaker can show you where all the cleaning equipment and products are kept.

Just a few don’ts

  • We will provide heating in your rooms and endeavour to keep you comfy so please don’t bring personal heaters to Maitripa Centre as they will have to stay in your car. Please do not touch timers or thermostats on heaters at Maitripa Centre, always ask a caretaker for assistance.
  • Any naked flame that might involve the use of cigarettes, incense, candles, mosquito coils or anything else in any room or building at Maitripa Centre is not permitted.
  • The upper hall is also a shrine room so we ask that no food or beverages are consumed therein and that shoes are removed before entering.
  • We ask that you don’t consume food and beverages while using Maitripa Centre mats and cushions.
  • The espresso machine in Dogen’s Kitchen is for authorised MC staff use only.
  • Please leave your lovable pets at home as they are not permitted on site.
  • Any visitors that are not registered to attend your event are not permitted on site.
  • We don’t have adequate facilities for children so please don’t bring them to your event.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on the premises unless prior arrangements are made with management.

Unforeseen circumstances

  • Please look after your valuables and personal items as we can’t be held responsible for theft, loss or damages.
  • Please take care when walking around the property, to avoid accidents be mindful of steps, slippery or uneven surfaces as Maitripa Centre cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur onsite.
  • Maitripa Centre reserves the right to cancel an upcoming event at any time due to unforeseen circumstances. In such an occurrence, all deposit money will be immediately refunded and liability for any losses incurred will not be accepted.


  • At the end of your stay, the kitchen, bathrooms, halls, and all rooms need to be cleaned. Again, please refer to the cleaning tasks list on display at Maitripa Centre for all details.
  • Cushions and mats in halls should be stacked at the back of the hall.
  • Guests are required to fold any used linen and leave it in the middle of your bed ready for collection.
  • Guests are required to leave bedding folded at the end of the bed, sweep the floor and clean their rooms leaving their doors unlocked.
  • Group organisers are required to allocate a time on the final day of their program for room inspections with the caretaker, this needs to happen before room keys and key deposits are exchanged.