About the venue

A variety of groups regularly come to Maitripa Centre to run their meditation retreats, yoga or martial art intensives, spiritual workshops or educational seminars. When hiring Maitripa Centre for your event you can have the use of two spacious multipurpose halls, a kitchen, dining room, lounge room and shared bathroom facilities.  There are also two private bathrooms that are reserved for teachers or group organisers.  The centre is surrounded by gardens and lawns that are often used by groups for outdoor practice, or to just simply relax in and enjoy the views down the valley.  We have enough beds for up to 65 people but we can squeeze in a few more if need be.  Guests can choose between fully furnished single, twin single or dorm style rooms (don’t worry, no bunks, king single beds only).  To make things a little easier we also provide all of your bedding.

Larger groups usually choose to book the entire site when they have 25 or more people.  Smaller groups have the choice of hiring upper or lower Maitripa Centre. Upper Maitripa includes a kitchen and dining area, an 8m by 8.4m hall and 23 guest rooms, made up of 19 singles and 4 twin singles with a total of 27 beds. Lower Maitripa Centre also includes a kitchen and dining area as well as a cosy lounge room. The hall is a little larger at 8.3m by 11.4m and there are 18 bedrooms that can accommodate 38 guests with a mix of 5 single rooms, 4 twin singles, 7 dorms with 3 beds each and 2 VIP rooms each with a separate private bathroom.

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