Non-residential venue hire

$510.00 inc GST

Non-residential venue hire


Maitripa Centre can  be hired for the day to run your non-residential event or workshops.  There is a minimum booking of 30 people for a two-day event or 60 people for a one-day event required to hire the centre for a non-residential event.  You can choose to book with less than 30/60 people, however the minimum charge will be for that of 30/60 people.

If you need to cancel your booking we can refund your deposit if another organisation subsequently confirms an equivalent site booking for the dates that will cover your cancellation. Otherwise all deposits are non-refundable. By paying your deposit you acknowledge and agree to adhere to Maitripa Centre policies and guidelines, including our ‘THE FINE PRINT & MORE’ page.

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Non-residential venue hire