Full site accommodation


Full site accommodation



About full site bookings
Larger groups usually choose to book the entire site when they have 25 or more people.  Smaller groups have the choice of hiring upper or lower Maitripa Centre. Upper Maitripa includes a kitchen and dining area, an 8m by 8.4m hall and 24 guest rooms, made up of 18 singles and 6 twin singles with a total of 30 beds.

Minimum numbers?
The minimum charge incurred for a whole site booking is the equivalent for that of 25 people per day for the duration your event, even if your numbers drop below 25.  Larger groups are welcome to book the whole site even if your numbers are less than 25 people, however these are the minimum charges.

Cancellation policy
If you need to cancel your booking we can refund your deposit if another organisation subsequently confirms an equivalent site booking for the dates that will cover your cancellation. Otherwise all deposits are non-refundable. Please note that if you wish to downgrade your booking from a full to half site, this can be done up to 90 days prior to your event start date. After that the minimum numbers policy will be applied to your full site booking unless a subsequent half site booking is made to cover the dates of your proposed booking downgrade.

Should there be any persons booked into your event who cancel during the event you may request a 50% refund of that person’s accommodation charges. Catering charges are refundable if 48 hours notice prior to event start time is supplied.

By paying your deposit you acknowledge and agree to adhere to Maitripa Centre policies and guidelines, including our ‘THE FINE PRINT & MORE’ page. michael kors tasche jet set michael kors tasche jet set michael kors tasche jet set