A little info on catering
When you choose the fully catered option for your event, the minimum number that we can cater for is 10 people. If you choose, smaller groups can be catered for but the minimum catering charge will be the equivalent of that incurred for 10 people per day.

What about the food?
Well, the meals provided are simple and nutritious, vegetarian dishes. It is a retreat style menu with 3 meals a day, the largest meal of the day will be lunch with a lighter dinner to follow. Fresh fruit, biscuits, tea and coffee are also provided throughout the day. We can cater for simple dietary restrictions such as gluten and dairy free as well as vegan options.

Catering charges are refundable if 48 hours notice prior to event start time is supplied. By making your payment you acknowledge and agree to adhere to Maitripa Centre policies and guidelines, including our ‘THE FINE PRINT & MORE’ page.

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