Meditation and Yoga Retreat with Patrick Glennan

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Meditation and Yoga Retreat with Patrick Glennan

April 1, 2016 - April 4, 2016

“What is most essential is the practice of Dhyana, meditative mindfulness, which enables us to experience the Absolute Purity of our deepest nature and to hold that transpersonal truth in the complexity of our personal lives.”

Zen Master Jun Po Denis Kelly



The offerings of yoga are multiple and varied, from the purely physical to the spiritually transcendent.

At the most basic level it aims to help us understand, balance  and integrate all the different parts of ourselves so that we may live more happily and fully as human beings. Being healthy is an important part of this. As such, yoga starts with us as individuals, as we work tangibly to improve our physical, mental and  emotional wellbeing. The asanas (postures), breathing techniques and meditation practices are great tools in this regard, with often surprising and quite immediate benefits.

At another level, yoga can be understood as the revealing of our deeper nature – that part of us, that essence, that is not solely dependent on the sensory nature of things, or on conditioned mind. This is yoga as connection, union. The objective is to break free from the ignorance (avidya) that binds us, the ignorance around who we really are and which is the cause of all our suffering. It starts necessarily with us, with our own ignorance, but by extension also offers an antidote to the grave problems currently facing us; now, more than ever, the world needs yoga.

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April 1, 2016
April 4, 2016


Maitripa Centre
528 Myers Creek Road
Healesville, Victoria 3777 Australia


Patrick Glennan
0411 114974