LIFE PURPOSE YOGA RETREAT ~ Exploring your Dharma Path

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LIFE PURPOSE YOGA RETREAT ~ Exploring your Dharma Path

August 25, 2017 - August 27, 2017

We all have choices in life… and every choice we make, every action we take, every road we travel, leads us along our life journey, in an endless and infinite number of directions. Having embarked on a path of Yoga, you have taken many steps to get you here, and each step has been meaningful…each step purposeful…each step leading you to the ever present Now…


As you prepare to take another step forward on your journey, I would like to extend this invitation, to retrace the steps that have brought you here, and embrace a rich and truly rewarding experience of self exploration and personal enquiry…Exploring your Life Purpose. When we choose to add Purpose and Meaning to our life, then we add a richness and depth into everything we share, touching those that cross our path. Through Svadhyaya (Self study) we are able to understand ourselves more deeply, our personal journey and the choices we make.


There are several Universal Laws, which when we choose to follow, create a greater flow with life and the Universal Consciousness. One of these laws is the Universal Law of Dharma, and according to this law, we are all here in this life for a reason, and many of us may actively choose to discover and explore, what that reason or Purpose is. Each of us has something unique and special to offer the world and to offer ourselves, and it simply takes our conscious effort and awareness to begin to explore what our True Purpose in life is. This in itself is a choice.


The Life Purpose Yoga weekend is designed to allow an introspective exploration of life, to bring a greater awareness to your unique life journey, with the aim of discovering and defining your Life Purpose. The weekend will itself involve unpacking your life, from your earliest memory to present day, exploring every significant milestone, exploring and unfolding everything that has affected you, changed you, shaped you and made you into the person that you are today.


During the yoga sessions and weekend workshops I will aim to facilitate your process, and provide a supportive, nurturing and safe environment in which to explore your inner and outer worlds more deeply.


Ways that this might occur:

•    Mapping of your life journey, bringing greater awareness to your cycles, habits and patterns.

•    Looking at issue/s and areas of significance, and seeing how they relate to other significant areas of your life.

•    Finding what strengths, gifts, talents, qualities, and possibly hidden resources you have to work with.

•    Finding relevant and appropriate techniques, tools and modalities that you may wish to use to promote further self-discovery and self-awareness.

•    Piece all the information together into a Mission Statement by which to live by.

What you will gain from the workshop will vary, but if each of you takes just one thing with you to make a positive shift in your lives, in order to help yourself and others around you, then you will have ultimately GAINED.


My role as facilitator is not to find the answers, or to claim to know the answers, but to guide and facilitate your journey of discovery during the weekend, assisting you in discovering, revealing and/or expanding your understanding of yourself, your life and the world around you.

Your role as a participant of the weekend is to be as open and honest about yourself as you can, and be open to the process.

Investment: $495 inclusive of all Yoga Classes, Meditation, Pranayama, Relaxation,

Life Purpose Workshops, “Mystery” Workshop, all meals from Friday dinner to Sunday Lunch.

All meals are vegetarian, please let us know if you have any other dietary requirements.



Andrew Mournehis

 / 0418 121 468






Andrew Mournehis graduated from the Phoenix Institute of Australia in 2001 with a very clear vision that his gifts and passions were best directed in the power of group, ritual, archetype, mythology and the potent healing energy that is exchanged in each others stories, both personal and Universal. Being an already established yoga teacher, he spent the next 14 years facilitating many healing groups, yoga workshops, intensives and retreats both nationally and internationally working with the healing potential of both Yoga and Transpersonal work.

Andrew has been teaching yoga for over 18 years

His Qualifications Include:

Advanced Diploma Of Health in Yoga (CAE)

Certified Yoga Instructor With The Yoga Teachers Association (YTA)

Part Of The Teaching Faculty for Academy of Yoga Learning (Formerly known as The Advanced Diploma Of Yoga Teacher Training CAE)

Lecturer at the Phoenix Institute of Australia from June 2010

Lecturer at the IKON Institute of Australia from Nov 2016

Qualified Transpersonal Counsellor (Ikon Institute Of Victoria)

Having practiced Tantra Yoga for nearly 20 years, Andrew unites his diverse background and experience with Yoga, Transpersonal work, Mythology, Astrology, Dance and Yogic Philosophy to bring a rich and exciting view and perspective on this liberating art form and spiritual practice of Yoga.



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August 25, 2017
August 27, 2017


Maitripa Centre
528 Myers Creek Road
Healesville, Victoria 3777 Australia


Divine Grace
0418 121 468